Hypering Basics

The sectors in the Violet Sector are so far apart that it would take ages for a space ship to go from one sector to another. This is why all ships are fitted with a hyperdrive, which dramatically shortens travel time. The only downside is that once engaged in hyperdrive, there is no way back. This is why some ships have a bright red "hyper" button.


Hypering allows you to move to other sectors in the Galaxy. Hypering to another sector requires 3 moves and it will take you a whole turn to arrive at your destination. Whilst you are in between sectors you cannot scan either sector, but can use the self repair function if damaged and have moves remaining.

Note : You cannot hyper during the last 5 minutes of a turn, or during the first 5 minutes of a turn. (In Frantic type games however, when turns are much shorter (e.g. 15 minutes long instead of the usual 3 hours), the length of the Deadzone will be different. You can view the live settings at https://www.violetsector.com/config.php

See also Sectors

Hypering 'Jump Gates' allow you to hyper from one sector to another. Available Jump Gates for each sector are displayed on the Galactic Map by white lines between the corresponding sectors.

Spacial Anomalies

Sometimes a gate opens up in space between two sectors that are uncharted by the Galactic Map, as they are not permanently open. Scientists have speculated that these anomalies have patterns. Any patterns are left for you and your Legion to discover yourselves.


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