-- The planet Tibrar orbits around a young white star once every 0.9 standard galactic years. Of the 5 other significant planetary bodies in the system, Tibrar is the largest and the only one sustaining life. Once a planet rich in resources, years of over exploitation under the oppressive rule of first Ajaxian, then Boraxian tyrants, have left the planet severely polluted, lacking any significant reserves of fossil fuels and low on critical metals such as Titanium and Uranium.

-- Tibrans have had a very tough time in recent history and are coming back from the brink of almost total annihilation. This memory causes them to take things much more seriously than other legions. They know what is like to be close to death, and are extremely good at making something out of nothing, at winning a battle when all seems lost.

-- Tibs were never the most technologically advanced legion and their ships are little more than tacked together scrap with guns strapped on, but they know how to fight and will become even more aggressive than Krils when faced with Boraxians, and, to a lesser extent, Ajaxians. Tibs don't hate the Krils so much, but that's only because the Krils haven't given the Tibs a reason...yet.


29 billion Tibrans





-- Tibrans (Tibs for short) look, for lack of a better word, 'cute'. The typical Tibran stands three feet tall on its two squat legs, with its rounded torso and polymorphic manipulator arms giving it the appearance of a weird, fluffy, green, teddy bear. Completing the look, the head is oversized, with quaint features and adorable big brown eyes that make you want to cuddle it even more. The addition of a squeaky little voice suggest that it should be sold in a toy store under the 'too-cute' section.

-- See a Tibran in native state, and you'll just want to cuddle it...but DON'T DO IT. Tibs are like cats: they might be cute, but they didn't get to the top of the food chain by being nice. The little mouth houses a horrible set of needle-sharp fangs that come laced with neurotoxins, and the tongue acts as a dump valve, squirting an accurate and deadly stream of concentrated acid straight into the face of an unfortunate target. The entire digestive system of the Tib is a bioweapons facility (which makes sense when you see what they evolved to eat on Tibrar). The manipulator 'arms' seem harmless enough but can rapidly reform into just about any basic shape the Tib desires, producing an awesome array of melee weapons, and the legs provide explosive spring. In short, if a Tib looks you in the eye and smiles, you're pretty much doomed; even if you don't know what you did, apologize. Otherwise you'll find your guts sliced out and face being digested before you can blink. An angry Tib kills with lots of splatter at an intimate range, and it's one of the most disgusting things you can ever see.

-- There are four main distinctions to be made in Tibran biology: male, female, royal and peasant. Whilst the differences are obvious to Tibrans, nobody else can see any physical difference. Autopsies reveal no biological difference whatsoever with all individuals being hermaphroditic. Tibrans take offense at being incorrectly categorized, so if you find yourself talking to a naked Tib (why are you talking to a naked Tib??), use the most neutral language you can muster until it gives you a clue as to its gender and class.

-- Robust, strong and highly dextrous in a small package, Tibran biology makes them great for mining, piloting micro fighters and factory work.

Power Structure

-- Tibrar has always been a matriarchal monarchy. The deified and all-powerful Tibran Queen holds absolute power. Following from her in the power structure are her daughters, then their daughters. Only when there are no more females do the males come into power, again from the top down. When a Tibran female dies, her male partners lose all status, but any female partners retain theirs. Seemingly archaic, all Tibs seem to support the system and the result is a stable and peaceful society.

-- Tibs don't harp on tradition too literally though, and have adapted the mechanisms of the Royal Family to suit the space-age. Any Tib can be assigned 'daughter' status with assignments being generally based on merit. Still, it is a top down system and is slow and inefficient when compared to other legions.

-- Royalty are deified in Tibran culture with Tib fighters often calling on the spirits of past leaders when a battle takes shape.

-- Tibran society is classed into two broad groups, Royalty and Peasantry. Members of Royalty are those who have earned the right to command, while the peasantry must serve. Royal status is not always a good thing because on becoming Royal, your assets become those of the Royal Family. As it stands the wealthiest individuals are certain peasants operating corporations that are yet to have received Royal Status. Inevitably though, the largest companies are noticed and 'acquired' by the Royal Family. All individuals consider it a great honour to be awarded Royal Status even if it means losing a fortune. All individuals are born as peasants and must prove themselves worthy to be accepted into Royalty which is not granted easily due to the fact that once granted it can't be revoked.

-- The Royalty tend to treat the Peasantry in a rather rude manner. This is despite the fact that often the Peasant are more qualified, intelligent and successful than their masters. Even so, all Peasants will respectfully accept the treatment and not complain about it later.

-- Tibrans seem to choose their gender at an early age and spend the rest of their life playing the role. The clue as to Tibrans status and gender is to look at how they dress and the jewellery they wear. Only the Royal Family has access to precious metals because they are so rare, and will wear a small ornament sewn carefully into their foreheads. Peasants will not have such an adornment and it is considered extremely low browed to try and imitate it with a stick on. Males will almost always wear clothing with red, braided fringes whereas females fringe their clothes with yellow.

Modern History


Tibs launch their first crewed rocket into space but subsequent technological development is very slow due to a lack of resources and lack of interest amongst the Tibran Royalty.


Tibs develop the hyperdrive and discover jump gates. Expansionistic Royal Family develop a new enthusiasm for space technology and Tibs rapidly discover Canopus West, Moons of Kaarp, Aquarious and Axial (now known as the Asteroid Fields)


Garen is discovered. Overextension, resource stress, and the complexities of building new colonies in the discovered sectors halts Tibran expansion.


First contact with Ajaxians in Garen. Ajaxians immediately demand that Tibs accept Ajaxian Law and that Tibs pay a tax for daring to be in the sector they just discovered, with 48 hours to comply. The ultimatum is, of course, delivered in Ajaxian, which the Tibs can't possibly understand. 48 hours passes and Ajaxian fighters attack the unarmed Tib supply vessels. Tibs are forced to retreat to Canopus West, exposing the jump gate in the process. Garen is lost to the Ajaxians.


Ajaxians attack Tibran colonies in Canopus West. Being somewhat prepared, the Tibs raise a fight but are under-resource and eventually lose the sector, revealing the jump gate to Tibrar in the process.


After Ajaxian consolidation in Canopus West and defensive construction in Tibrar, the over-confident Jax attack Tibrar directly. The two sides are evenly matched and after a brutal battle, the Jax are forced to retreat, leaving Tibrar heavily damaged.


A small contingent of Krilgorian fighters jump unexpectedly, directly into Tibrar and, being Krils, immediately attack. The Kril fleet is weak, as the Kril civilization is in holo-induced decline, but so is the Tib fleet after battling the Jax. Tibs manage to eventually destroy all Krils but lose all combat craft in the process. Tibrar is left all but destroyed, and with a critical lack of resources.


A huge Ajaxian attack fleet gathers in Canopus West and jumps to Tibrar. Tibran recovery has been almost non-existent and the Jax are met with no significant resistence. Ajaxians take control of Tibrar and set about 'civilizing' the primitive Tibrans in accordance with Section 156, paragraph 17.3.34, clause III of the Ajaxian Space Act. Tibrans become slaves on their own planet, strip mining the meagre remaining resources for their Ajaxian masters. This brutal period will last for over 50 years.


After recovering from the Red Sky disaster, a large Boraxian strike force jumps into Tibrar, easily overwhelming the small Ajaxian suppression fleet that remained in sector. Ajaxians flee to Canopus West, then Garen, then The Three Suns with Boraxians pursuing them all the way, destroying Ajaxian colonies on the way.


Boraxians decide to take the easy target and leave the Ajaxians to return to Tibrar. Even worse than the Ajaxians, their hatred for all non-Boraxian life all pervasive, the Bors immediately execute all members of the Tibran royalty, keeping only peasants to operate the Ajaxian mines. Tibrans realize they they will be slaughtered as soon as the mines become non-viable and form a highly professional and secretive Tibran Resistance. Tib miners begin secret assemble an underground spacecraft launch facility and skim nuclear material from their inattentive Boraxian overlords.


The Krils, having returned to space in force are now actively engaging Boraxians fighters. Full scale war has started between all legions with the primary battlefield being in Axial sector. WIth Bor attention elsewhere and only a small defensive fleet remaining, the desperate Tibs seize their chance and launch their secretly constructed ships, including the "Axe", "Halberd" and "Broadsword", suicide ships that are little more than an enormous nuclear bomb. The small Bor fleet remaining at Tibrar is overcome by the ramshackle Tib fleet and the Tibs take a moment to consolidate.


Full scale war is underway in Axial with the bulk of all legion firepower present. Tib suicide pilots jump the Axe, Halberd and Broadsword directly into Axial and are barely noticed in the three-way battle that is occurring there. The Axe jumps for Ajaxus, the Halberd for Boraxus, and the Broadsword for Krilgore. Once in hyperspace, all three ships detonate their cargos, generating a simultaneous and catastrophic explosion that is magnified through space time and blows out through both ends of the hyper tunnel. The destruction is cataclysmic, beyond even the most extreme calculations of the Tibs. All matter in Axial is blown to pieces, all legions' fleets destroyed, and the systems' planetoids blasted apart into asteroids. On the other end, an enormous blast of radiation sweeps through Krilgore, Boraxus and Ajaxus, destoying all space-borne hardward and killing billions on the planet surfaces. All ships in hyperspace between any sectors are instantly destroyed and the massive disturbance leads to reformation of hypergates to Axial. This gives the event its name: The Axial Shift.


Knowing that the Tibs were responsible, but not knowing how they did it, all legions immediately agree to end all hostilities to Tibrar. Shocked by the ferocity of the Axial Shift and utterly destroyed, all four legions sign a ceasefire and the Galactic Council is formed.


Freed from oppression, Tibrans discover a newly formed gate (as a consequence of the Axial Shift) that leads to a system rich in resources. The sector is named 'The Tibran Mining Colony' and Tibs, now the best miners in the galaxy, begin to rebuild their shattered legion as fast as they can.

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