Good strategy is a factor in winning TVS but without good communications and organisation, even perfect strategy will fail. One of the best tools to assist the strategy of a legion is the ability of its members to form up into squadrons.

Certain 'missions' often require many ships, and with a legion operating multiple missions, organisation can soon become a nightmare. With ships arranged into squads it becomes much easier as ships on the same sortie can easily form up into groups, communicating and organising with much greater efficiency.

Ships in a squadron are given the ability to send messages to 'All in Squadron' which is very useful for getting important communiqu├ęs to the people who really need to hear them. Another useful benefit is that any member of a squad can easily see where their fellow members are, at any given time, by simply looking at the squad list.

When a squadron is created, the creator becomes the Squad Leader. They have the ability to name their squadron and add its description. This may be viewed by other pilots in the legion. If the leader leaves the squad or becomes an 'inactive' player, the highest scoring player in the squad will automatically take over as leader. If a squad is completely disbanded, all information regarding that squad is cleared.

A squadron may be any number between 1 and 999. To join one simply look at list of current squads and enter the number of the squad you favour. To create your own squad simply select a number that isn't already taken. Squadrons are limited to a maximum of ten members and you may only be a member of one squadron at a time.

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