The Asteroid Field

Significant Sentient Population

almost deserted.




Flying in the asteroid field is extremely dangerous and all ships will be damaged. Talented piltos may reduce the damage but none can avoid it. Fighting in here will inflict even more damage.


Technically, the asteroids were first discovered in 1772 when the Krilgorians sent a space probe through the newly discovered jump gate to the sector, but no one really cares. Every Legion found the sector early on in their space exploration days, but very few found gates out of the sector whilst they were in it.

A huge region of space filled with rocks of various size, most ships try to avoid the asteroids even if it means adding extra time to the trip to go around them. Some attempts have been made in the past to clear flight paths through the rocks, but it's pointless because they just bounce straight back within in a few days.

In the early days, the Asteroid Field was not so dangerous, but after the Tibrans detonated thousands of nuclear weapons in here leading to the 'Axial Shift', the sector has now aquired a nice radioactive glow, and has a lot more rocks around the place.

With all the rocks floating about, just flying around in here as carefully as possible, even a ship with an excellent pilot will still take damage, although damage for a smaller ships is always less, because small ships are able to dodge floating rocks with far greater ease. Combat in the asteroids results in even more damage.

Apart from a few mentally deranged miners and rogues, the sector is deserted.

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