AjaxTall, thin and humanoid in appearance, Ajaxians generally take a very serious approach to life. Although preferring to take the diplomatic line, they will not hesitate to go to war when it is called for. With a passionate belief that what they see as right and wrong is simply unquestionable, Ajaxians desire to see the rest of the universe conforming to THEIR way of doing things.

Whilst not the most technologically advanced Legion, with the 'will of the gods' behind them, Ajaxian fighters easily remain competitive. They will not hesitate to crush anyone or anything refusing to accept their 'righteous' way of life. Ajaxians particularly seek to destroy Krilgorians, who through augmenting their bodies with machines, have proven to be vile demons in the eyes of the Ajaxian elite. In reality, Ajaxians are simply after the Manezium Gas of NSA like everyone else. They have made up a religious excuse allowing them to attack their greatest competitor without looking like the hypocritical tyrants that they really are.


BoraxEasily the most technologically advanced of all the Legions, Boraxian life is truly unique. Every organism on the home planet is in fact the same species with the different forms being due to different genetic expression. Looking like large golden salamanders, the warrior 'form' is well armoured and carries a nasty array of natural weaponry. Boraxians have only one desire; to see their own species spread throughout the universe at the expense of all other life. Whilst extremely peaceful on their homeworld, whenever non Boraxian DNA is detected, they become almost psychotically aggressive and will seek to destroy it.

Boraxians were the first to theorise the possible existence of Manezium and also the first to discover it. Therefore they believe NSA rightfully belongs to Boraxus. Other legions, of course, have other ideas. Boraxians know the most about the gas and are more aware of the potential applications of it than anyone else. With new Boraxian research into gravitational manipulation requiring massive amounts of energy, domination of NSA is essential to their dreams of being the 'one and all' universal lifeform.


KrilgoreA Legion built on the back of four powerful warrior clans, Krilgorians look like the demons of mythology and fight like them too. Almost unbelievably aggressive, Krilgorians live by a code of pure warfare and violence. Through fate, their early exploration into space saw them fall victim to a deadly virus that very nearly wiped the entire race out. Only through bodily augmentation with machine parts did they manage to survive.

Today, the legion has become obsessed with bodily augmentation. From the moment a Kril is born, it starts to receive non biological implants / replacements and soon builds up into a most fearsome warrior. Dreaming of the personal power that Manezium Gas will allow (enhanced augmentation), Krils desire to take full control of NSA and become the 'ultimate' warriors. In the meantime, they are happy to go to war with anything they can.


TibrarThe Tibran Legion was once a powerful force in the galaxy, being perhaps THE pioneers of space exploration. Decades of oppression under the Ajaxians and then the Boraxians saw the Legion almost completely wiped out. Infrastructure was destroyed, their knowledge base was removed and their homeworld was robbed of most useful resources. Since causing the 'Axial Shift' through nothing more than desperation, the Tibrans have been clawing their way back.

With plenty of ingenuity the four and a half foot tall (and cuddly looking) Tibrans have tacked together their fleet from scrap and stolen components. They are all too aware that without help they remain incredibly vulnerable. To them, NSA offers their best chance of survival so they are desperate to take control of it. With their very existence on the line and a deep hatred of those who oppressed them, the Tibrans fight aggressively in the name of the Tibran Queen to rebuild their Legion.

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