Tara's Bar

The galaxy's favourite watering hole, Tara's Bar, is a place where pilots can hangout and share war stories. You will often find several drunk and lazy layabouts there talking absolute rubbish and enjoying a popular tipple known as Blue Juice.

It's situated on the north side of Aquarious, where it is policed by the Aquarian Elite. Pilots visiting the bar set aside there differences and respect the fact that it is the only real place in the galaxy where they can mutually hang out and talk, even with the enemy....

In the middle of the galactic chaos order can be found at Tara's Bar, where Tara serves the best food and drink in the galaxy! She enjoys a good chat as well, and listens to all the conversations in her bar, so get her talking and she may even give away a few secrets...

The Bar is a BUSY place, and Tara is a busy girl, so she may not be able to hear you over all of the noise. Make sure if you're speaking to her, you start each line with her name. e.g. "Tara can I have a drink". Despite her busy bar, she always has a moment or two to discuss the latest gossip on pilots.

Regular customer Byron hangs around hoping for Tara's love. (Little does he know that Tara is already married to Scubasteve, and wants to marry Hachiman...it's a long story). Byron, being a military Cyborg, doesn't really say much and only talks when ordered to.

Entering the bar

The easiest way to access the bar is via visiting this link link in your browser.

The prefered way to access the bar is by setting your IRC client to the following settings:

Alternatively, if your browser is set up to refer IRC URIs to your irc client you can click the following link irc://irc.violetsector.com/taras-bar

The backup to Tara's bar when the server is down is #taras-bar on the irc.chat-solutions.org server.

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