When you are attacked or if you spend time in hazardous sectors, your ship takes damage. Every ship has a number of hit points it can take before it is destroyed. Higher class pilots are allowed ships which have stronger shields and hull strength, and hence can take more damage before they are destroyed.

Repair button

You can elect to self repair damage. Each time you self repair, 1 move is used and 150HP are restored. This is the same for all types of ship whatever the pilot level with the exception of cruisers and carriers which can self repair by 250HP.

If you are damaged and have moves available, you will see a button below your current damage points on the 'Main Computer' screen which allows you to self repair.

If you are piloting a specialist repair ship then you will be able to repair friendly ships by clicking the "Repair!" button in the friendly ships scan. Repairs by a repair ship are very much like an attack, with a skill element and a random element involved.


Note: The 'Repair!' button will only be visible if you have moves available and there is a damaged teammate in your sector, who is not in their 'sleep tick'.

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