The system is a very small one consisting of a brown dwarf sun and a few small planets, the most notable of which being Garen. It's perhaps more accurate to refer to Garen as just a large green rock rather than a planet. Its surface is covered with a slimy green goo with an acrid odour and foul taste. However being quite nutritious it is the primary food source of the prisoners there.

Garen is a pretty horrible place and you have no reason to ever go there, so don't. The system's disgusting nature is recognized by all legions and nobody wants to lay claim to it. Currently, the planet is used as a prison colony, controlled by the Galactic Council and open to population by criminals from any legion.



None, prison run by Galactic Council



2014 - Discovery

Towards the end of the initial Krilgorian push into space, Kril fighter pilot Abbev Chez - looking to get away from her annoying peers - made the first jump in, after discovering the gate from New Sector Alpha. Upon arrival the first thing she noticed was a distinct nauseous feeling she mistakenly put down to an expired serving of dehydrated Mud Worms she had eaten earlier. A quick shot from the autodoc to alleviate the symptoms made little difference until her scanners placed an image of the main planet on her viewscreen.

The feeling that the sight of this planet evoked reminded her instantly of her mating partner Neo Garen, thus completely overriding any small effect of the autodoc and rapidly leading to her stomach contents floating about where they weren't wanted. Totally disgusted, the instant that her hyperdrive had recharged, she jumped out and named the sector "Garen" in her partners 'honour'. She didn't bother to make a detailed survey, because she was feeling too sick, and besides, she wanted to get home and check out the new 'holovision' technology that everyone was raving about.

2062 - Rediscovery

Tibrans 'rediscovered' the sector after scientists in Canopus West - performing tests on the giant alien armada of ghost ships - detected a new gate and sent a probe through to investigate. It reported back a fairly high, but manageable level of radiation, and sent an image of the planet Garen. Upon seeing the image, the scientists all began to feel ill, and mistakenly assumed that the alien flotilla was responding in some new way to their latest experiment. The ships were indeed responding, but not by making the scientists feel sick. Luckily the probe's information was forwarded to the homeworld before the station was vapourised.

Back at the homeworld, the Queen, although feeling quite ill all of a sudden, casually approved the order for a colony ship to head to the sector. She then called up the medical history of Captain W.F. Kaarp.....just to check on something.

The colonists arrived and although feeling absolutely terrible, did not dare disobey Royal Orders and dutifully set up their colony. After living miserably for a while they just couldn't stand it anymore and, leaving the infrastructure in place, headed home.

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