Significant Sentient Population

None...yet. Boraxians on the way.




Very thin veil of Manezium Gas in the sector. Not enough to harvest in any meaningful quantities, but still enough to provide a significant short term energy boost to assist in battles.


One of the first new sectors to be explored after the building of the Standard Galactic Hyperdrive Mk II, in late 2391 the Boraxians exploration vessel "Shambler", escorted by a squad of light fighters, thought it had struck gold. Immediately upon entry they noted the purple light of the sector reminding them of New Sector Alpha and initial scans showed that there was indeed Manezium Gas present.

But before they broke open the champagne and celebrated too much, being well trained Boraxian scientists, they decided to continue their scanning and it was soon realized that the actual amount of useable Manezium Gas in the sector was far too low to be significant and the bulk of the 'gas' was almost totally useless Sabrium Gas, the Fool's Gold equivalent of Manezium.

Disappointed, they named the sector "Perosis" after the Boraxian word which loosely translates to 'hangover' but is more accurately defined as "the feeling you get when you realised your winning lotto ticket is in fact from last week's draw".

The sector contains only 4 major bodies, one of which is a medium sized and middle aged white star. Three planets orbit around it, the most interesting of which being named Azure (pictured). Floating in space like a pretty violet gem, the planet is very cold but nonetheless maintains a useable atmosphere and with a few decades of terraforming can be made suitable for small scale habitation at least. The Boraxians have already initiated a colonisation program which will be departing soon.

Although only present in small quantities, the Manezium here is still useable. Flying around with collection mesh's extended, even a small amount is enough to provide a significant short term energy boost to shipboard systems. Shields can be boosted, but many shields are not energy based and for those that aren't, increasing shield effectiveness requires an exponential increase in energy. Likewise, there isn't much point trying to boost the engines because the returns are not that good, and besides most ships already operate close to their structural limitations, especially in combat, so boosting is not an option. Instead any combat pilot with half a brain, routes the additional energy to weapons systems where it is most useful and effectively doubles the damage they can do.

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