The Tibran Mining Colony

Significant Sentient Population

1 million Tib miners/colonists




Heavily radioactive sector. It seems the radiation in this sector interferes negatively with the function of the Galactic Standard Energy Flow Control System, causing speed to suffer as a result.


After being soundly defeated in space and then enslaved first by the Ajaxians(2086)and then the Boraxians(2140), Tibrans saw their homeworld virtually stripped bare of all useful resources, their civilization ruined and almost all of their knowledge destroyed. The Krilgorian return to space (2149) distracted the other two legions just enough to provide the Tibran Resistance with a small window of opportunity. Having no other option, they didn't hesitate to take it and caused the 'Axial Shift' (2163) which wiped out most of the other legions' fleets and in the aftermath it caused helped prompt shocked Legions to form the Galactic Council and form a number of important treaties..

With the shock of the 'Axial Shift' still hurting other Legions, the Tibrans were given some time to recover and the Legion hustled as quickly as it could to build a fleet. For the next 200 years, showing remarkable fortitude and ingenuity the Tibran Legion managed to stay competitive in space, but as time progressed, resource shortages became more and more of a problem. With no energy resources it was simply impossible for the Tibrar to rebuild the civilization that once stood there and by the late 2300's the situation was so dire that it looked as if even the space fleet would collapse meaning the sure fall of Tibrar and the final destruction of everything.

In 2390 with the discovery of new gates and new technology allowing ships to traverse them, Tibrar once again was offered a window of opportunity and through lack of choice took it, immediately sending survey ships through the gate that was found from Tibrar. Luck was with them and they found to their delight a young sector, riddled with uninhabited planets containing large amounts of unexploited Uranium and precious metals. A mining colony was quickly established and the resources from it used to build another mining colony and so forth. Soon, despite the radiation, the sector had multiple mining colonies on every planet, with the steady stream of resources they provided being used to patch up the Tibran Fleet and trade with the Trippers of Tripe for their technology.

Galactic Council Law insists that certain equipment conform to certain 'standards' as defined by them and agreed to by all Legions. One such piece of equipment is the energy flow control unit as carried by all ships. As it turns out, the unit was not designed taking into account the unique (and high) background radiation in this sector, which is understandable because at the time the unit was designed the sector had not yet been discovered. At first it was thought that it would be a simple matter to upgrade all the units, but as it has turned out since then, everything that should have worked, has failed.

It's clear that the background radiation is interfering with energy flow with nice predictable effects, slowing ships down making them easier to hit and do more damage to, but scientists are still scratching their heads as to why the improvements they keep churning out don't work.

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