Sector Types

There are 26 "sectors" in the galaxy, 4 of which contain the home world of their respective race. Some sectors experience localised effects and may be pivotal during the course of the war. (See the Galactic Map).

The Home Worlds

The Home Worlds of Tibrar, Ajaxus, Boraxus and Planet Krilgore are the racial centres of the galaxy. Each Home World has a massive communications network which allows pilots to send and receive transmissions; several factories geared up to the production of ships for the war effort; and a stabiliser that stops the "Giants" either side of the planet from exerting their tremendous gravitational forces. When a Home World gets damaged the comms network may malfunction, resulting in communication difficulties. If the stabiliser is destroyed, the gravitational forces of the neighbouring Giant Sectors literally tears the planet apart.

Every Home World has an automatic defence system to counteract attacks. This system will attack any enemy ship entering the sector. Making attack runs near home planets brings you closer to these defence systems.

The Asteroid Fields

The Asteroid Field

The Asteroid Fields or "Roids" used to connect the "Home Worlds" as well as the 4 "Quadrant Planets" of Garen, Tripe, Orbital and Aquarious. At the end of the last galactic war, illegal use of atomic weapons in the Asteroid Field by the Tibrans caused a massive temporal flux and the known pattern of jump gates literally turned on it axis. Known as the 'Axial Shift', each one of the old 'paths' reconnected to the next sector.

Now from the Roids you can only hyper directly to the 8 "Giant Planets". The Roids, because of its excellent connectivity, has always been seen as a staging position for attacks by the races. Dominance of the Fields has caused more battles than anything else. The Roids are not without their dangers though. Simply being stationary there causes damage to any ship, attacking can cause severe damage to the point of destruction.

The Quadrant Planets

The Quadrant Planets or "Quadrants" are tiny planets that all share a strange "heaviness" caused by the gravitational pull from their neighbours, the giant planets. This effect causes all forms of attack to be greatly slowed; resulting in considerably less damage when compared to attacks in the home worlds. A secondary result is that repairs also seem to take longer. In practice it is because the repair is less effective. Calculations indicate that the figure is about 66% less effective.

The Quadrant Planets are Garen, Tripe, Orbital and Aquarious.

The Giant Planets

The Giant Planets or "Giants" are so called because they are truly massive in comparison with the home worlds (they make the Quadrant Planets look like moons!). The Giants are Canopus West, The Three Suns, Apollo Sector, 81103, Red Sky City, Dreadlar, Southern Sector and the Moons of Kaarp.

Their unique characteristic is that they seem to have attributes from both the Outer Ring and the Quadrants. Sometimes you find attacking slow and repairs difficult, other times slingshot effects and gravitational forces assist ship actions. There have been suggestions that the cycle of these different localised effects is traceable. Sadly, no one has yet been able to predict when the changes will occur.

The Outer Ring

After a vicious period of war following the discovery of NSA, an uneasy peace began. During this time scientists were able to shift their attention away from designing weapons and concentrate on other things.

It wasn't long before a new gravitational resonance pattern was discovered within the Home and Quadrant Sectors. Without being distracted by war, physicists were able to devote their full time and attention to studying these abnormal waves. A theory began to circulate that these patterns may be indicative of hyper gates, just that no drive yet developed could utilise them.

Also freed from warfare, corporations now desperate to find new business poured billions of credits into developing a drive capable of making use of these supposed gates. In 2390, physicists made the breakthrough, confirming the existence of gates and the word spread like a wildfire. Soon enough, driven by corporate greed and scientific will, the new drives appeared and the gates were traversed. They led to a series of 8 new sectors forming a ring around the entire universe. Whilst still fairly new, early indications have shown that damage in some of these sectors is increased. Scientists are not always sure as to why.

New Sector Alpha

New Sector Alpha

The New Sector Alpha was discovered in 2373 and is not really part of the galaxy; it is on the other side of a small rift in space called the "Goosarian Ralph".

In New Sector Alpha there are no planets. The sector is still young and is little more than a heaving gaseous mass that will become something in the future. Communications with the galaxy are badly garbled due to local emissions being very high.

The effect of the rift means that a very large amount of supplies are generated in the area. This source can be continually harvested by repair ships to increase the size and capability of their home world.

After the axial shift at the end of the 2nd Galactic war, another rift appeared connected to Garen. This prompted scientists to postulate that the current New Sector Alpha is not the same as the old one as it is in a different position. The debate continues...


The Uncharted Sector

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