Begin playing

Upon deciding to join the fight for galactic domination, you are drafted into one of four 'Legions'; either the Ajaxians, Boraxians, Tibrans or the Krilgorians. The system will automatically decide which Legion is the most appropriate for you to join.


Once your allegiance is set, you may then choose to pilot one ship of the five fighter craft available to your side (See ship types). Each craft is different with variations in Shields, Speed and Weapons and some ships have special abilities, like auto-repair and cloaking. However, these specialised functions are paid for by less favourable statistics. Your new craft enters service in perfect condition with 2000HP (hull points).

You begin as a Class 1 pilot and your Combat and Piloting skills are rated at 10.

Game play guide

Quick game guide

New pilots cannot be attacked by enemies until they have made their first move in the game.

Each turn occurs every 3 hours.

During each turn you have 5 available moves to perform actions in the game.

Every turn you can: Attack an enemy ship in your sector (Uses 1 move), Make a repair on your ship (Uses 1 move), Hyper to a new sector (Uses 3 moves), You can spend 3 moves cloaking if you have a cloaking ship, or you could find yourself cloaked after a cloak pickup, Scan your sector for pickups that randomly appear in your sector (Uses 1 move)

Attacking an enemy pilot will score you points and inflict damage on their ship. High level pilots will score very little from attacking lower level pilots. Attacking pilots of the same level or higher will give you bonus points.

Whilst hypering you are in between sectors and cannot do any kind of scanning of sectors and cannot be attacked.

You cannot hyper during the last 5 minutes of any turn or the first 5 minutes of a turn.

Cloaking your ship renders you invisible to the enemy but you cannot attack. Cloaking lasts until you choose to Decloak your ship. You can still scan whilst cloaked. You can only cloak if you have a cloaking ship or find a cloak pickup. You can still be attacked by an enemy ships if they pick up a Free Attack or Triple Attack pickup.

Each side has a home sector containing their base, Ajaxus, Planet Krilgore, Tibrar and Boraxus. If either side loses their base then they will not be able to jump into a new ship if their ship is destroyed and new players will not be able to sign up on their side.

If your base becomes heavily damaged you will not be able to make any communications transmissions until it is repaired.

Each side needs to dominate as many sectors as possible, as dominating sectors allows you to retrieve supplies to repair your base after an attack, as does having more active players on your side. Your base will get repaired after each turn depending on these factors.

Each side has a Legion Commander who is elected by the other pilots in the Legion. The LC has the ability to see information from other sectors, to coordinate attacks and hunt down players.


Level 2 requires 4000 points

Level 3 requires 8000 points

Level 4 requires 16000 points

Level 5 requires 32000 points


1. It is often safer to fly in sectors that are dominated by your side so that they can help defend you if you're being attacked

2. Using all your moves at the beginning of a turn is not necessarily the best thing to do. Remember, you can be attacked throughout that turn and you may need to repair, cloak or hyper out of the sector.

3. Communicate with your friendly pilots regularly so that you can stay informed of what else is happening in other sectors.

4. Use the communications system to coordinate attacks on enemy ships or bases.

5. Do not leave your ship in The Asteroid Field for long periods of time as your ship will get damaged every turn by flying around asteroids!

How to play

The aim of TVS is simple. Dominate the galaxy by destroying the homeworlds of all alien legions thus providing your legion with ownership of The Violet Sector.

TVS is a turn based strategy game, loosely based on a role play scoring system. During 'Beta' games, each turn lasts for 3 hours and is called a 'tick', during which you may make up to 5 moves. In 'Frantic' games, ticks are usually just 15 minutes long. Various actions require different numbers of moves, and any combination of actions is permitted per 'tick', provided you have the required number of moves to perform them.



Capable of move

Scan for pickups

1 move

All ships

Self repair

1 move

All ships


2 move

All ships that are cloaked

Attack an enemy

1 move

All but repairer / carrier

Repair a friendly

1 move

Repairer / carrier only

Collect / dump scrap

1 move / 1 move

Repairer / carrier only

Enter / exit carrier

2 moves / 1 move

All but Carrier / Cruiser

Expel ship

1 move

Carrier only


3 moves

Cloaker only


3 moves

All ships

When you begin playing you are assigned to your home sector to begin battle against all enemies and assist your legion in dominating the galaxy. The known universe is divided into sectors between which you may travel via 'hypergates'. Taking a hypergate requires 3 moves meaning that you can hyper out of your sector if you have not made more than two moves during a turn.

You cannot carry over un-used moves each tick. If you leave moves unused at the end of a tick, they are lost forever and next tick you will have 5 moves as normal.

You can decide to select a ship which has auto-repairing facilities. These ships will repair themselves by a small amount each time a tick passes. These ships are especially good if you are unable to play TVS at certain times.

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