Scoring Points

When you make successful attacks on enemy ships (or repair friendly ships) you will receive points added to your score. These points are dependent on how successful your attack (or repair) is. Attacking (repairing) pilots of a similar or higher class than you may give you bonus points. Another way to gain points is through collecting 'bonus point pickups'.

When your ship is destroyed your points are recorded and added to your total score. Your ship computer will show you your current score for the ship you are piloting and your total score since you began fighting in the war.

Achieving the impressive score of 75000 points earns a player the right to pilot a cruiser, (carrier for repairships). Assuming, that is, that you still have a homeworld.

Additionally, upon meeting certain criteria, you may be awarded the status of TVS veteran with a {V} appearing next to your name to indicate this truly amazing feat.

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