Cruiser imageThe cruiser is the ultimate ship that most TVS combat pilots aspire to fly. With vastly superior stats, and the bonuses of both fighters and bombers (although no cloak, causing a few die-hard cloaker pilots to prefer to keep their cloaker), the cruiser is capable of easily destroying any lesser ship in a one-on-one dogfight. Obtained by acheiving a score of 75,000 points with a fighter or bomber, their one weakness is that their attacks occasionally seem to be slightly less than that of some high-attack level 5 ships, such as the microw fighter, but the hugely increased survivability provided by the cruiser (particularly over the high-attack fighters) means that it's still generally worth the trade.


Carrier imageAs mentioned above, the carrier is easily the most strategically significant ship in TVS. Obtained by acheiving a score of 75,000 points in a repairship, the carrier acts as a repairship version of the cruiser (right down to the slightly suspect attack, although in the case of a carrier it's a slightly reduced repairing ability when compared to a level 5 repairship, again compensated for by hugely increased survivability). The carrier's strategic importance lies in its ability to carry up to 25 ships of below cruiser class, with three moves being required for each ship to enter the carrier. This allows an entire fleet to ride comfortably within the carrier, repairing en-route to or from a battle if necessary, and being completely immune to direct fire from enemies or PDS. The one major disadvantage is that if a carrier is destroyed, so are all ships inside, meaning that carriers must be closely guarded and should not be used when there is no reason for a given pilot to do so.

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