Pilot image

This can be a picture of yourself or a symbol of some sort. This will be displayed next to your ship icon in all pilot lists.


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Vacation mode

Vacation Mode allows you to suspend your account whilst you are unable to play the game. You must activate vacation mode at least 8 ticks before your vacation is due to start. After this time, your ship will not be in the game until the next time you login (Vacation Mode is automatically deactivated when you next login).

Activating vacation mode automatically de-activates your sleep tick.

Sleep tick (3 hour tick games only)

Introduced in beta 23 the sleep tick is available to all players. It provides you with the chance to get a good night’s sleep, safe in the knowledge that your ship will remain unharmed. The idea behind the sleep tick is that you can choose the 3 hour cycle each day during which you are most likely to be sleeping or otherwise unable to play. When your selected cycle comes around you will appear in scans with ZzZz next to your name. The option to attack or repair a sleeping pilot is removed, effectively freezing your ship until the beginning of the next turn.

During a sleep tick you cannot use moves but you can check your status and send messages without disrupting or removing your sleeping status. You will continue to sustain damage from planetary defence systems, asteroids and other such environmental effects in the game, as well as events like planetary explosions and carrier destructions.

When activated or changed, it takes 24 hours before your sleep tick comes into effect. You can alter or turn off your sleep tick from your account page. Note: It is not possible to alter your sleep tick settings during your sleep tick.

Deleting your account

You may choose to delete your account for whatever reason. Upon choosing to do so your account will be suspended until the conclusion of the game when all details will then be erased.

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