Instant Messages

Messages are the only way to effectively communicate over the vast distances of space. They are sent either as short range (within a sector) or long range (between sectors). Long range communications are sent via the home planet for accurate redirection to other ships. Should this communications centre be damaged, long range communications may be lost. Short range messaging will still be available.

Using communications to coordinate attacks and share information with the other pilots in your legion are key components of a winning side.

To access your messaging system, click on the 'Comms' link from the menu.

Inbox icons:

Please remember your netiquette when sending messages. Only send messages that concern the recipients. Inappropriate messages sent to all may be deleted by your LC.

All messages have a subject field and are presented in an email type format. This makes it very simple to scroll through your messages and select the important ones. There are two basic types of messages, friendly communiqu├ęs and taunts.

Taunts are sent to enemy players to incite them into acts of extreme violence and hopefully a mistake :-) Taunts are selected from the list available, they cannot be customised. You may only send one taunt at a time and you cannot taunt the same player more than once in a tick.

Note: messages older than 2 days in your Inbox and Outbox are automatically deleted. Remember to save any important messages!

Bulletin Boards

In addition to a comms system, each legion has its own Bulletin Board. Here legion policy and plans can be debated, sector intel can be posted, and there's the usual banter you would find on any forum. The bulletin board can be accessed from the 'Comms' link on the menu.

Legion IRC Channels

You can also communicate using your Legion IRC Channel to discuss tactics, targets, strategy or just plain old banter!

Using Tara's Bar Link from Login Page

Using an IRC client

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