Fighters receive bonus points for attacking ships of the same level or higher. The higher the level of the ship you attack, the more bonus points you will receive. You will also get bonus points if you are attacking in The Asteroid Fields or your home sector. (Note: you will take damage from the Asteroids when making attacking manoeuvres in that sector) If you pilot a fighter, you will not receive any points for attacking an enemy home planet.

Cloaking Ships

Cloaking Ships can use 3 moves to cloak and render themselves invisible. Whilst being cloaked, you cannot attack enemy ships and you cannot be repaired by friendly Repair Ships. BE WARNED, 'Free Attack' and 'Triple Damage' pickups contain a cloaked ship detector, and thus can be used to attack you when you are cloaked! Decloaking requires 2 move.


Bombers are similar to Fighters but they trade off some of their statistics to carry bombs which can be used on enemy home bases. These bombs do 3 times the attack of normal fighters on enemy home bases. Bombers receive only half the level of bonus points fighters get when attacking other ships but receive a large amount of bonus points when bombing an enemy homebase.

Ships with Auto Repair features

AutoRepairShips will automatically repair themselves by a small amount each turn. This feature comes at a cost, with a few statistical points reduced in other areas.

Repair Ships

You cannot choose a RepairShip as your first ship when you start playing TVS. It only becomes available once your first ship has been destroyed. Repair ships carry NO weapons, but have a hopper of nanobots for repairing friendly ships. You will receive bonus points in the same way as fighter ships, but only if there are enemies in your current sector. Your ability to repair ships will improve in the same way as fighters improve their skills.

Repair Ships also have the ability to collect Scrap from New Sector Alpha and destroyed ships. This can be installed on your home base to increase its strength. (See also Bases \ Home sectors)

Cruiser / Carrier Ships

These ships will become available to you if you ascertain 75,000 points. To be able to jump into one of these ships, you will have to return to your home sector. The ship will be brand new and will have 12,500 hitpoints as soon as you jump into it, regardless of your old ship's status.

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