Base Strength

At the start of every game, all bases are fully repaired to their maximum hitpoints (125,000HP). You can increase the maximum hitpoints of your base by collecting scrap from ships that have been destroyed, and then dumping it onto your base. If your base is damaged, any scrap dumped will contribute to the base repair operation.

Only repair ships and carriers have the ability to collect and dump scrap. Collecting and dumping scrap each require 1 move and 1 move respectively. There is a limit of 5,000 units of scrap that may be carried in a ships hold.

Scrap and supplies are regularly generated in New Sector Alpha every turn, so it can be a good strategy to hold that sector and a path to your home base to allow your repair ships to safely cargo the scrap and supplies.

Base Defences

All home bases have an automatic defence system consisting of cloaked, automatic cannons floating in space and powerful turret guns on the base itself. It is impossible to disable or destroy the cloaked, space based auto-cannons around the base, but obviously the turrets on the base will be destroyed when the base is destroyed.

The cloaked auto cannons will attack and lightly damage all enemy ship in the area each turn. The base turrets will fire upon any enemy making any form of attacking run, whether it be on the base itself or on a defending friendly ship. Due to the ferocity of the crossfire generated by these defence systems, even cloaked ships will suffer damage whilst assaulting an enemy base

Base Destruction

The LC may initiate a base self destruct sequence which, once activated, counts down for 4 ticks before detonating. This countdown may be aborted by at least 20% of pilots voting to do so. When a base is destroyed, by any means, the explosion and resulting shockwave damages all ships in the vicinity of the sector by 33% of their maximum HP's.

Your base is the place where you respawn if you are destroyed, and also gives the ability to upgrade your ship to Cruiser Status as long as you have at least 75k points. If the base is destroyed it is no longer possible to respawn there or collect a cruiser class ship. If you die your ejection pod will be collected by a new legion and you will be expected to begin flying for them instead.

If the home world drops below 1/3 health then the legion will not be able to access sector domination information or send comms to friendly ships in other sectors, although local sector wide comms still are availible

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