Significant Sentient Population

250 million native "Dorfs"




Unpredictable local gravitational effects suspected to be amplified by unknown 'Dorf' technology. Through contact with Kril's, the indigenous life is generally hostile towards visitors of any kind.


After their slow recovery from the plague which very nearly ended their civilization, the Krilgorian legion slowly recovered, and in association with their new technology, revitalised older technology that had laid dormant for years. In the year 1991, the Krilgorian Space Agency was reformed and began building ships. In the year 2001 an old gate was rediscovered and a mission formulated to explore it properly.

Soon they were ready for their first manned hyperjump, and vowing not to repeat the mistake that had nearly wiped them out 200 years earlier, in the year 2004 sent the warship / exploration vessel "Apollyon" through the gate, carrying several squads of elite Krilgorian land soldiers and a team of scientists. Upon arriving in the new sector and with the warriors breathing down their necks and about ready to explode with aggression the flightcrew made a hasty survey of the sector hoping like crazy to find a life bearing planet before the warriors decided to end theirs.

That they did, orbiting around the sector's red giant sun they found a planet teeming with moderately advanced indigenous life. Hastily setting down on the planet's surface, the warriors off loaded to search for hostiles and the flight crew launched back up into orbit for the scientists to begin an accurate sector survey.

The planet Apollo is fairly large as far as advanced life bearing planets go and has a gravitational pull that is nearly 3 times that of Planet Krilgore, a planet which itself has a larger gravitational pull than average. The result is that the humanoid natives resemble Dwarfs in appearance, short, stocky, tough, well armoured, incredibly strong and as the Krilgorians soon discovered fighting a 'Dorf' is like fighting a rock.

The Krilgorian elite warriors found that the "Dorfs", although barely out of the stone age, were proving to be more than a match and after days of fighting and taking more losses than they were inflicting, the hunting party was eventually forced to call for the "Apollyon" to rescue them. Unaccustomed to defeat the warriors were remarkably docile all the way home killing only 1 member of the crew during the journey. The name 'Dreadlar' was decided upon for the sector because the warriors thought it sounded suitably tough.

At any time, the Krilgorian military could easily destroy the Indigenous life of Dreadlar and terraform the planet into a more friendly landscape, but over the years, the safari type trips to the planet have become a part of the Krilgorian culture, now seen as an important initiation rite for young warriors. The battles on the planet originally began as little more than hand to hand melees, but over the years the 'Dorfs' have shown themselves to be extremely intelligent and being talented with tools have been able to dismantle and understand the working processes of most of the Krilgorian devices they have captured and the cybernetics of the Krils they have killed. As such, fighting against 'Dorfs' is now more akin to modern, strategic warfare than anything else.

Although the 'Dorfs' have on occasion wiped out entire Krilgorian attack parties and taken entire spaceships they have never demonstrated any particular interest in building spacecraft of their own. They do however take immense interest in the hyperdrives of spacecraft and the stores of Manezium has they carry and no one knows exactly why. Satellite pictures have shown large amounts of ore being extracted from the mountain ranges indicating an extensive system of tunnels and only a small amount of this ore is actually processed for mining, indicating that something strange is going on. Pilots flying in the sector have always reported abnormalities put down to the gravitational effects of the system however in recent years the effects have become more focused and pronounced. Rumour has it that the 'Dorfs' have built some form of gravity generator using parts they have salvaged from spacecraft and fuelled by Manezium gas and that this generator whilst it's real purpose is unknown, is in fact responsible for the abnormal gravitational effects in the sector.

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