New Sector Alpha

Significant Sentient Population





All comms are scrambled when in this sector. Every legion wishes to control NSA in order to take control of the Manezium gas for themselves. Heavy fighting can be expected.


In 2371 a probe from Boraxus was sent out to search and discover new territories. In 2373 it reached an un-charted sector of the Galaxy which we now call New Sector Alpha. For years, Boraxian scientists had known about the chemical Manezium and the amazing properties it possessed, but the substance remained nothing more than an academic curiosity at best because it was simply too costly to produce. But then images from the probe sent back to Boraxus showed that the sector was completely filled with a violet coloured gas, recognized immediately to be Manezium. When the news spread about the new sector, ships from all over the Galaxy travelled there.

No life or planets of any sort were found, but a Tibran cruiser found that the sector was scattered with what appeared to be millions of asteroid size rocks giving off the Manezium gas. Scientists found that Manezium gas could be used as a highly concentrated form of fuel with the rocks in New Sector Alpha able to be broken up into smaller sizes, and still give off a constant supply. Ships throughout the Galaxy were soon using Manezium to fuel their powerplants and even the smaller ships could travel from one end of the Galaxy to another without the need to re-fuel.

Scientists continued to try and reproduce the Manezium given off by the rocks in New Sector Alpha and continuing to fail, soon realised that reproducing it in the quantities given off by these rocks was near impossible.

The Galactic Council was given the task of deciding who would have control of New Sector Alpha and distribute it's finite number of rocks to other sectors in the Galaxy. Members of the commitee fought for years to try and resolve the problem but failed and at the turn of 2378 an inevitable war broke out between the two largest civilisations to control the Galaxy - the Ajaxians and Krilgorians.

Other sectors took their sides and took up arms as the Ajaxians and Krilgorians began to attack other sectors in their attempt to dominate the Galaxy. No civilisation was safe, and here is where we find ourselves today...

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