Going AWOL

Whilst playing you may decide to leave your Legion and become a Rogue. Maybe you disagree with what your Legion is doing, or maybe you just want to fight on your own - either way you can choose to go AWOL from your Legion.


As a Rogue you have no friendly ships, everybody is your enemy! If you are not in a Cruiser ship when you go AWOL, you can forget ever earning one. Simply put, no-one cares enough about you to give you anything! When you become a Rogue, you will keep the ship you're currently in until it's destroyed.

If you're destroyed as a Rogue, you will be picked up by one of the Legions and must fight on their side. (Obviously this may happen to be your original Legion!)

On the Account screen you will find a button that will allow you to become a Rogue.


The AWOL button will only appear 20 ticks after you have joined a legion.

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