After logging into your ship's computer, you can use it to scan the sector for enemy ships. The scan also gives you some information about the ship and its pilot which you can use to determine whether you want to attack them or not.

An attack requires 1 move meaning that each tick you may attack up to 5 times. Using moves elsewhere eg, to self repair, means you have fewer chances to attack. Remember that all pilots are sometimes lucky and you will occasionally be able to do a lot of damage and sometimes not!

Look through the scan completed by your ship computer and select an enemy ship to attack by clicking on the 'Attack' button. Your statistics compared to the enemy pilot's statistics determine how successful your attack on them is. Your ship's computer will then tell you how much damage you have delivered.


Note: The 'Attack!' button will only be visible if you have moves available, there is an enemy target to attack and that enemy is not in its sleep tick.

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