Star City

Significant Sentient Population

10 million




Using their unbalanced force on the Galactic Council, the Ajaxians have placed a number of restrictions upon pilots entering the sector. Speed limits are low resulting in heavier than normal damage.


With the bulk of research into the new gates being funded by corporations and the development of the new drives being heavily funded by venture capital it was only logical that first exploration rights go to the corporate interests, but let's face it, being Ajaxus we're talking about here, that was always going to happen.

Various corporate interests launched quickly for the new sector in the year 2392, not knowing what to expect on the other side. What they found was a sector devoid of life and pretty much useless. Orbiting around a massive blue sun, the 15 planets of the sector proved to have only small quantities of valuable elements and were not capable of sustaining life, many being just too small to hold an atmosphere. The largest planet, Perseus (pictured) whilst beautiful, is incredibly cold, but with large amounts of liquid oxygen is habitable with the right equipment.

Disappointed, most of the corporate interests returned home and only cursory mining colonies were established. However, the gaming, recreation and tourism mega corporation, Star of Vegas, noting the barren beauty of the sector decided to buy the rights to the sector from the Ajaxian government and renamed it Star City.

Since then Star of Vegas has been setting up thousands of 'five' star space based resorts, casinos, sporting arenas, entertainment centres and so forth accompanied by an aggressive galactic wide advertising campaign. Unlike 81103, the facilities of Star City are not aimed at the big end of the market, rather at the middle range of consumers, affordable holidays for the average bank account.

One of the attractions of the sector to tourists is is the ability to watch space fights. Based at the main resorts orbiting around the planet Perseus, a fleet of Ajaxian spectator craft regularly load up with eager passengers, shuttle them out to where any space fighting is occurring and park on the sidelines so the gawking tourists can catch all the action up close and personal. However, ever mindful of a potential PR disaster, strict speed limits are in place for any craft partaking in combat which ensures that the viewing public not only get a good show, but that fewer shots stray away from their targets towards the spectator craft and that out of control damaged combat ships can be avoided in time before any collision occurs.

Whilst it shouldn't really be an issue for the Galactic Council, the Ajaxians have used their abnormal strength on the Council to make it one. As such, firing deliberately on a spectator craft is a Galactic Offense and all ships are bound by Galactic Treaty to obey the speed limits set in place and protect the lives of the innocent.

With the penalty for treaty violation being as severe as it is, all Legions have their own laws in place for punishing offending pilots. Very few pilots have ever been know to break the rules though, firstly because they don't want to lose their ability to fly combat craft, and secondly because they just love to show off in front of the crowd.

Reduced speed makes hitting a target very easy and as such damage is increased.

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