Mattas Head

Significant Sentient Population

3 million HDC colonists




Nobody knows exactly why, but all pilots entering this sector become incredibly aggressive, sacrificing their own defense to attack. Unscreened pilots have even been known to attack their own.


Discovered by Krilgorians in mid 2391, the sector is their version of heaven but everyone else's version of hell. Only 3 days after being upgraded with new drives the gate was first traversed by an aggressive squad of 'light' Krilgorian fighters, fresh out of their training and looking for action. Upon arrival they made a cursory scan of the sector and reported their findings home but as they sat and scanned, they found their aggression reaching new heights and finding nothing else to vent their rage upon began to attack each other. Wiping each other out, there was soon only one fighter left, and her final shipboard communication is a confused and obscene call for reinforcements as she begins her attack run on the sector's giant red sun.

Needless to say, the second Krilgorian expedition was taken care of by the Heart of Darkness Clan, who's warriors are known to be less aggressive. Upon arrival, they too were seized by intense aggressiveness, but with the years of temperance training HDC warrior receive they were able to refrain from attacking one another.

Noting the effects of the sector and what it had done to the first mission, the HDC party decided to name the sector "Mattas Head" after an ancient folktale of a brilliant warrior named Mattas whose head was cut off in battle but kept alive through dark magic to become a valuable prize for any clan that owned it. The story goes that the head could read the minds of fearful warriors and provide valuable strategic advice but that in reality, whilst the advice always led to victory, it would result in maximal bloodshed for all parties involved, (note: there are no apostrophes in the Krilgorian language).

Comprised of 6 major bodies, there are 5 planets of varying size that orbit a giant red sun. Of most interest is a large red planet (pictured) named by the HDC as 'Hades'. With a unique set of dual rings, the planet is in fact suitable for Krilgorian habitation, although not easily. Close to the sun, the planet is hot, it's surface rocky, barren and unforgiving, it's gravitational attraction high and it's atmosphere harsh with fairly high amounts of sulphur present. The HDC immediately set up a 'temperance' colony to assist in the training of their young warriors. Whilst the HDC may be the least aggressive of the four warrior clans on Planet Krilgore, they are deeply respected because they are by far the toughest. Only they have the required toughness to survive on 'Hades' added to the fact that only they have low enough aggression to be able to avoid totally destroying themselves in the sector.

The effects on pilot aggression are now well known in the sector. Any pilot from any legion that enters will find themselves wanting to attack with reckless abandon and they will frequently do so. Attacks as such are much more effective than normal, not only because they are aggressive but because the defending pilot tends not to pay enough attention to defense. No other legion is crazy enough to try and colonise such a sector, but to the LDC it is a valuable place ideal for producing elite LDC warriors. After having learned of the effects, all non LDC Krilgorian warriors now have cerebral implants that will automatically release aggression reducing chemicals upon entering the system, so that they will remain sane enough to avoid attacking one another.

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