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Manezium is still a fairly new discovery and not everything is known about it. For some reason, when ships enter this sector, the Manezium gas they carry 'excites' and provides additional power.


Credit for the discovery of this sector is officially given to the Boraxians but in reality it probably deserves to go to the Trippers of Tripe because for years they have been known to possess 'weapons' with an effect very similar to the odd effects of this sector. Rumour has it that the Trippers have been traversing the Outer Ring for years, only they kept the technology to themselves because it gave them an edge in the survival stakes. No one would really be surprised if that were found to be true and everyone knows that if the Legions are only just starting to use the Outer Rim, then the Trippers probably have something new up their sleeves.

The last (for now) of the Outer Rim sectors to be discovered, although the gate had been known about for a few years, it wasn't until 2396 that a Boraxian fighter wing, surrounded by Ajaxians in neighbouring sectors and heavily damaged decided to take a risk and to escape, jumped from Tripe to the new sector.

Whilst they sat and repaired, they noticed that their power monitors were giving off abnormal readings with dangerously high power spikes being detected coming from their Manezium gas stores. In order to protect more delicate shipboard systems, the fighters were forced to divert power into their weapons systems where excess could readily be discharged if need be. As it turned out these events were rather beneficial for the Boraxian ships, because soon after they arrived an Ajaxian pursuit team jumped in. Finding the same power problems the Ajaxians also found themselves being fired upon by boosted Boraxian guns. They were quickly destroyed.

Named Dragor after an ancient Boraxian myth about an eery race of ghost like creatures, the sector is itslef somewhat ghostlike in appearance. Seven white planets orbit silently around a giant white sun, all hanging spookily in the blackness of space and none of which have been colonized yet due to the short time since the discovery. Scientists are as yet unsure why, but something in this sector 'excites' Manezium gas, generally increasing the energy producing qualities but also making it more unstable. Pilots in the sector make use of this by routing any excess power to weapons with the result usually being a doubling in the damage they can do.

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