These are the official rules of The Violet Sector ("TVS"). If you break them, the administrators of TVS have the right to take whatever action they deem necessary, including deletion of your account without warning. The decisions of the administrators are final. Information on these decisions is private and will not be discussed with anyone other than the parties involved.

Registration & Multiple Accounts

You are allowed to create one, and ONLY ONE, account in TVS. If you wish to fly under a different pilot name you should use the in game system to change your name rather than create a new account. You are not allowed to have access to more than one account for whatever reason.

Things you MUST NOT do include:

  1. Creation or registration of an account for another person.
  2. Log in to or take ownership of another person's account, even if they provide you the login details.
  3. Give your login details to anyone or allow anyone else to enter your account.
  4. Take moves on behalf of someone else or allow them to move on your behalf.

If you suspect someone of being a "Multi" then they should be reported to the administrators confidentially and not accused publicly.

Communication & Abusive Language

You are not allowed to use any kind of abusive language in the game. The definition of abusive language is simple: language that causes offence to the person or persons receiving it. If you receive an abusive message, please report it to help us ensure the abusers are dealt with. General netiquette should be adhered to when you use the communications in game.

All in game communication must be done through the game system (comms and IRC). If you gain knowledge of another legion's plans via an external communication, you are not allowed to share or use this knowledge. You must not pass on details of your legion's plans to an enemy pilot.

"Bots" & "Programs"

Any tool or program you use that gives you an added advantage and is not cleared and made available to every player is deemed illegal and therefore cheating. There is a list of approved programs on the downloads page. If you wish to develop a new program please discuss the idea with the administrators in the new features forum prior to proceeding.

Bugs, exploits and loopholes

If you find a bug, exploit or loophole in the game that you believe to be abnormal or is providing some form of advantage, you must cease using it immediately and report it on the forum. All moves in TVS are logged so cheaters will eventually be noticed and suspended. Please do the right thing.


Players should adhere to the spirit of fair play. In particular, training camps or other arrangements allowing players to level up without risk are prohibited.

Finally, other ways of abusing the game or site not directly covered by the rules, may also be reason enough for suspension or deletion of accounts. These rules are created to ensure that everyone can enjoy a fair game and for your protection, where the best player will come out on top, not the best cheater. If everyone sticks to the rules, everyone will benefit from it.

Any questions regarding the rules can be asked on the forum.

The TVS Team

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