A mecca for hard-drinking graduates, Aquarious naturally provides more free booze than you could ever hope to consume. Several small populations live permanently on the planet under colonization domes, a necessity for a long-term stay as, whilst the weather is extremely pleasant, the alcoholic nature of everything makes it difficult to remain standing for long without assistance.

While in Aquarious, be sure to visit the famous Tara's Bar, located under the plexiglass of Alpha Dome ( Tara, an early Aquarian colonist, has somehow found a way to cheaply convert the local low grade alcohol into a variety of high grade beverages, but her secrets are jealously guarded. Aquarious, being an independent sector, means that Tara's Bar is a popular hang out for tired pilots from all legions, and the high prices ensure that the drunk schoolies stay away.

It's impossible to avoid some R&R on Aquarious when in the sector, whether it be drinking at Tara's, deep sea fishing for the tasty, albeit heavily alcoholic, Saw Toothed Monoscythe or trying to catch any of the local fauna with your bare hands, a favourite pasttime of many a tipsy local (naturally soapy skin makes local fauna very slippery). The consequence of this of course is that all pilots flying about in the sector are almost always either drunk or suffering from a killer hangover.






2058 - Discovery

Immediately after discovering and naming the Moons of Kaarp, Lieutenant W.F.Kaarp of the Tibran Royal Navy jumped here in his light exploration ship, "Flare". Upon surveying the sector he found - much to his surprise - a small planet orbiting the sun which seemed to have many lakes of alcohol. Closer inspection revealed that these oceans were teeming with strange, albeit primitive, lifeforms.

Taking a rather excessive amount of samples and staying for rather longer than they really needed to, Lieutenant Kaarp and his crew made sure to survey every lake and ocean of the strange new planet with immense care and finally decided to name it Aquarious after Pishtank was decided against. Lieutenant Kaarp apparently did not notice that the name was spelt incorrectly before finalising it. He then proceeded to send the data to Tibrar and - sitting naked and blind drunk in front of his comms terminal - made an emergency call to the Queen of Tibrar to tell her how hot she is. Shocked by this the Tibran Monarch recalled him to Tibrar, immediately placed him under royal guard in her private quarters, and punished him by promoting him to Rear Admiral.

News of the discovery spread like wildfire on Tibrar, and by 2063 all the major brewing companies were funding missions to go and stake a claim on the new planet. Unfortunately, none of the samples Kaarp's ship had taken made it back to Tibrar so the companies did not know what to expect and rumours flying around tended to exaggerate the quality of the alcohol to be found there. Upon arrival, the brewerage ships were dismayed to find the oceans to be the equivalent of the cheapest, headache inducing Tibran swill there was. They proceeded to drown their sorrows anyway before loading up and beginning the long trip home. Unfortunately, the low quality and sudden new oversupply of liquor on the Tibrar market caused prices to take a dive, making it next to impossible for the brewing companies to recover their losses. The lack of economic viability associated with alcohol harvesting has meant that the planet Aquarious remains pretty much untouched to this day.

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